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  • 1. What is an ABA (routing) number and what is Bellco’s ABA (routing) number? Views: 1651 Public
    An American Banking Association (ABA) number, also known as the Routing and Transit number, uniquely identifies Bellco and is used in check processing. Bellco’ s ABA (routing) number is 302075018 . This number is the first 9 digits listed at the bottom of your checks .
  • 2. Can third party checks be deposited through ATMs? Who needs to endorse a third party check? How do I sign a check over to someone? Views: 602 Public
    If you deposit a third party check through an ATM, it must be a Bellco ATM. In order for funds to be released, it must be endorsed by both parties, which means the payee must sign the back of the check as well as the person depositing the check. Third party checks that are deposited through a shared branch ATM will not be accepted and will most likely be returned. Here’s an acceptable example: If the check is payable to the order of Sue Smith and she wants to sign the check over to Betty  More...
  • 3. Which branches accept unwrapped coins? Views: 506 Public
    The following branches accept unwrapped coins: 98th Washington Arvada Aurora City Place Grand Junction Havana Huron Lakewood Littleton Parker Southwest Westminster Find a Bellco branch near you.
  • 4. The ATM would not accept my cash, why? Views: 413 Public
    If the ATM would not accept your cash then the bill might not be in good enough condition. Also, make sure to enter cash flat and not folded. A good rule of thumb is simply to use bills that a vending machine would accept. Bills that are overly crumpled or torn will be rejected by the ATM.
  • 5. How much can I withdraw at the ATM? Views: 357 Public
    The limit for cash withdrawals from an ATM in a 24 hour period is set at $405.
  • 6. Does Bellco offer notary service? Views: 297 Public
    Yes, Bellco offers free notary service to members at all of our branches .
  • 7. Does Bellco exchange foreign currency? Views: 274 Public
    At this time Bellco does not offer foreign currency exchange.
  • 8. Is my money safe at Bellco? Views: 233 Public
    You don’t need to be an economist to notice we’re in the middle of an economic downturn. What makes the current conditions particularly concerning are the failures of traditionally stable financial institutions. There are numerous reports of banks, big and small, reeling from unsound business decisions. But as a Bellco Credit Union member, you don’t need to worry because your financial assets are safe with us. Here are just a few reasons why: 1. Your deposits at Bellco are insu  More...
  • 9. Will I be able to use ATMs at shared branch locations? Views: 233 Public
    Yes, Shared Branch Credit Unions will often have surcharge free ATMs. Click here to view all surcharge and deposit taking ATMs.
  • 10. What is Shared Branching? Views: 226 Public
    Bellco is now a member of the CU Service Center Shared Branching network, a fast-growing national and international network of credit unions that allows Bellco members to visit other credit union branches to conduct basic teller transactions, just as you would at a Bellco branch. What does this mean to you? You now have access to over 4,200 branches all over the country – nearly 200 in Colorado alone. With shared branching, credit unions from all over the country share facilities to give   More...
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