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  • 1. What are the different benefits and requirements of Bellco Checking accounts? Featured Content
    Compare each Bellco checking account side-by-side .
  • 2. What is the difference between Total Balance and Available Balance?
    Total Balance is the amount currently in your account. Available Balance is the Total Balance minus any holds. Holds can include ATM transactions that have been authorized but haven't cleared the account yet, checks that are pending, and certain deposited items. The easiest way to review your total vs. available balance is to log into Online Banking and click the checking account tab.
  • 3. What is an ABA (routing) number and what is Bellco’s ABA (routing) number?
    An American Banking Association (ABA) number, also known as the Routing and Transit number, uniquely identifies Bellco and is used in check processing. Bellco’ s ABA (routing) number is 302075018 . This number is the first 9 digits listed at the bottom of your checks .
  • 4. My check came back "unable to locate account". Why?
    This is a somewhat common error that occurs when another institution incorrectly enters your account data. You will want to obtain a copy of the check from the other financial institution by requesting the payee to obtain a copy, and compare the account number typed versus the account number on your check. Most likely the account number typed in will be a digit off of your actual checking account number.
  • 5. How do I edit or delete recurring transfers set up by Bellco staff?
    At this time, you can edit or delete recurring transfers you have set up on Online Banking. To edit or delete a recurring transfer that a Bellco representative has set up, please visit a branch or call 303-689-7800. You can also make this request by sending a message via the Online Banking Answer Center. After logging into Online Banking, click on the send a message graphic in the left navigation.
  • 6. Where are your branches located and what are the hours of operation?
    We have several convenient locations to serve you. View a list of branch locations and hours of operations. To view hours of branch locations, select a branch in the Results section (on the left). The branch will then show on the map. Select the Hours tab.
  • 7. I want to transfer money online to Bellco from another bank or credit union. How do I do that?
    Bellco gives you the ability to transfer money into or out of your Bellco accounts online. There is no charge to transfer money into your Bellco accounts. There is a $2 fee to transfer funds from your Bellco accounts to another financial institution. To get started, log into Online Banking and in the left navigation click Transfers and then Other Institutions . A new window will pop-up. Click on Manage Accounts in the top navigation. Enter the ABA Routing Number from your other financial institu  More...
  • 8. How long does it take a wire transfer to arrive?
    Domestic wire transfers may take between three and four hours to arrive at the receiving financial institution, depending on when the request was made. International wire transfers are more difficult to predict as they are not bound by U.S. banking laws. Because of this, Bellco does not assume liability for the length of time it takes a foreign financial institution to receive a wire transfer, or if the foreign financial institution denies having ever received the transfer. To ensure that your w  More...
  • 9. What is Shared Branching?
    Bellco is now a member of the CU Service Center Shared Branching network, a fast-growing national and international network of credit unions that allows Bellco members to visit other credit union branches to conduct basic teller transactions, just as you would at a Bellco branch. What does this mean to you? You now have access to over 4,200 branches all over the country – nearly 200 in Colorado alone. With shared branching, credit unions from all over the country share facilities to give   More...
  • 10. What happens if I overdraw my HSA account?
    You will be assessed a $31 NSF fee, just as you would with a standard checking account. We will, however, be unable to honor an NSF check or provide any type of overdraft protection. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states that a negative balance in your HSA plan is prohibited by federal law. This means that you cannot have any transaction, fee or charge that causes your HSA plan to have a negative balance. It is extremely important that you do not overdraw your HSA plan. If you do, it is a pr  More...
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