You don’t need to be an economist to notice we’re in the middle of an economic downturn. What makes the current conditions particularly concerning are the failures of traditionally stable financial institutions. There are numerous reports of banks, big and small, reeling from unsound business decisions.

But as a Bellco Credit Union member, you don’t need to worry because your financial assets are safe with us.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Your deposits at Bellco are insured by the . The NCUA is the credit union equivalent to the FDIC for banks. Regular deposits and IRAs are insured up to $250,000.For more information about NCUA insurance coverage of the transaction accounts, visit

2. Bellco does not make sub-prime loans. These loans have resulted in big losses for those who have.

3. Our Equity Ratio is over 10%, which places us in the highest tier of capitalization measured by the NCUA. In plain English that means we have more than enough money set aside to weather economic downturns.

4. We practice “fiduciary responsibility”. As a member-owned organization, our Board of Directors is made up of members like you, so the prosperity of the membership as a whole is always Bellco’s top priority.

5. Bellco’s financial statements are audited annually by Orth, Chakler, Murnane and CO., CPAs.

6. Bellco has focused on serving the Denver metro area for over 76 years and continues to grow with over $2.2 Billion in assets. In times like these more and more people are looking for a solid institution like Bellco.

Economic downturns come and go, but through it all Bellco continues to fulfill our mission; to return our profits to our members in the form of lower rates on loans, higher interest on deposits, and better services.

As a Bellco member you can rest easy in the knowledge that your money is safe and sound right here in Colorado.

Read Bellco CEO Doug Ferraro's comments in the Denver Post