Bellco gives you the ability to transfer money into or out of your Bellco accounts online. There is no charge to transfer money into your Bellco accounts. There is a $2 fee to transfer funds from your Bellco accounts to another financial institution.

To get started, log into Online Banking and in the left navigation click Transfers and then Other Institutions.

A new window will pop-up.

Click on Manage Accounts in the top navigation.

Enter the ABA Routing Number from your other financial institution (or you can search by name).

Next, enter the following:

  • Account #
  • Account Type (checking or savings)
  • Account Name
  • Account Nickname (Monthly Bills, Vacation Savings, etc.)

At this point, a small trial deposit and withdrawal will be made to this account to verify that you own it.  After 1-2 business days, come back to this page and enter the deposit and withdrawal amounts by clicking Activate next to the account you want to set up.  You will need to call your other financial institution or go to their online banking site to find out the amounts of the trial transactions.

After you have confirmed the trial deposit and withdrawal amounts, you can transfer funds! To do so, click on Overview in the top navigation.  Keep in mind, it takes 3-5 business days to complete a transfer.