Log into Online Banking and click on the loan you want to pay. 

If you have enough money in your savings or checking to make the full payment, you will see a Payment button in the Account Recap section of your loan. 

For example, if your next payment is $100.00 and you have $100.00 or more in your savings or checking account, you will see the payment button. 

If you have the $100.00 spread out between different savings and checking accounts (ie $25.00 in Savings, $50.00 in Checking, $25.00 in Money Market), you will not see the payment button.  You can go to the Transfer page (Transfers ->Bellco Accounts in the left navigation) to move the funds into one savings or checking account.

Or, if you would like to make a partial payment, click on Transfers in the left navigation and then click on Bellco Accounts.  Simply select your savings or checking in the FROM dropdown, select your loan in the TO dropdown and enter your amount.

If you don't have a Bellco checking or savings account, you click the From Another Institution or From Credit Card radio buttons (for a $3.00 fee).

You can also have an automatic payment set up from another Financial Institution for free.